Hypnotherapy is a very deep state of relaxation where the therapist talks to your sub-conscious mind and gives it suggestions to give you the power within yourself to make positive changes to your thinking and therefore your life.

  This could be to stop smoking, overcome a fear or phobia, e.g. flying, spiders, enclosed spaces etc. or lose weight.

  The possibilities are endless and only as limiting as your


 The simple answer to this is YES!
            You are in control 100% of the time and can come out of hypnosis at any point if you feel uncomfortable.

Before a hypnotherapy session you will have a free consultation which can be carried out over the telephone or face to face. 
 You are in full control during the session and you can even bring yourself out of the hypnotic trance if you want to.

  You don’t have to take on the suggestions given to you if you don’t want to, but this would have the result of not being able to achieve your goal.


Again this is quite a simple answer!
Yes providing you are willing to be hypnotised.

If you are not willing then this therapy is not for you.
If you would like any more information or to book an appointment please give me a call on 07969596071, if I cannot answer your call I may be in a therapy session, please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would prefer to have a call back at a specific time, please mention this in your message. Click HERE to leave a message by filling in the contact information.


We are alive because life force is flowing through us. Life force flows within the physical body though pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis. ... These negative thoughts and feelings attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force


We all have the ability to heal ourselves; I know, I have done so... In the morning, know that you are Loved, You Are Love and You Love


Reiki is best held in a peaceful setting, but it can be carried out anywhere. The patient will sit in a comfortable chair or lie on a table, fully clothed. There may or may not be music, depending on the patient's preference.



It does have its origins in Usui, Shamballa and Tibetan Reiki but is very different – comments from clients who have experienced Usui Reiki before are:
  ‘I feel a deeper sense of calm, a connection with something pure and subtly powerful.’
  ‘It feels like a gentler energy, giving a deeper sense of calm and connection with something pure.’


Angelic Reiki is a gentle yet subtle form of rebalancing which also offers inner peace and stillness which may lead to a conscious expansion; Angelic Reiki is a powerful conduit for wellbeing, personal development and spiritual expansion.


This beautiful universal form of healing energy draws on the highest available forms of healing energy in alignment with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings of Light.


‘I liken the difference between these two forms of energy healing to the Difference between using small pebbles and fine sand to fill in the gaps in a pile of rocks. Whereas small pebbles will fill in cracks and crevices until they can go no further, Angelic Reiki is similar to fine, silky sand that will find its way through even the smallest sliver of a crack. Ultimately, this means that the pile becomes totally solid, stronger and more resilient to whatever challenges it faces’ Anna-Louise Haigh


What are the healthvalues of Angelic Reiki? 

In alignment with the Angelic Realms, this ‘therapy for the modern day’ offers a transformative experience especially for emotional and spiritual needs.
  This can include:
  Deep lasting inner calm.
  Mental and emotional clarity and rebalancing.
  Revitalisation.
  Expanded consciousness.
  Awakening of your superconsciousness – the direct connection with your soul and its wisdom.
  Peace and understanding.
  Clearing karmic ties.
 Receiving insights which bring understanding of present situations or a vision of your life purpose and soul path. Angelic Reiki is a gentle form of healing channelled directly from the Angelic Kingdom. 


What happens during a Reiki Session? This video will answer your questions!

In some ways, there is no typical Reiki session-no set protocol or length of time. Reiki can be administered by anyone who has training, which could be a professional practitioner, a healthcare provider, a friend or family member, or even you yourself if you have been trained in Reiki. Moreover, there is no typical setting: a quiet place is preferable, but Reiki can be done anywhere, no matter what else is happening either around or directly to the recipient. Moments of touch from a Reiki-trained practitioner can bring comfort in an acute or emergency situation, such as the onset of the flu, or after an injury or surgery.

 Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered if you’ve lived before? Would you like to explore this? What happens during a past life regression therapy session? The answer to this is much the same as happens in a normal hypnotherapy session, but instead of giving suggestions to change unwanted behaviours the hypnotherapist will guide you to past lives where you will explore things like e.g. what year it is, are you a male or a female, how old you are, what job you do, what country you live in etc.

                  If you are interested then please give me a call on 07969596071 or  fill in the contact information by clicking hereand leave me a message, I will get back you as soon as possible.

   I will also be offering Past Life Regression sessions at the following Wellbeing Fairs: 7th & 8th March 2020 – Nantwich Civic Hall, Beam Street, Nantwich, CW5 5DG
5th & 6th September 2020 – Stockport Masonic Guildhall, 169 Wellington Road South, SK1 3UA
24th & 25th October 2020 - Nantwich Civic Hall, Beam Street, Nantwich, CW5 5DG 28th & 29th November 2020 – Alderley Edge Festival Hall, Talbot Road, SK9 7HR   


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